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I had tried EVERYTHING for the intense pain in my neck. I had injured myself the year before moving a treadmill (ironic I know) and kept living with it until it reached a tipping point.

 I tried PT for 3 months, that didn't help. I tried living on Ibuprofen 800 mg 3X per day for 3 months until my stomach started screaming - haven't been able to take it since. I got the shots in my spine to manage pain and that didn't work. I tried acupuncture too. I was so frustrated and in PAIN still. Pain, pain and more pain.

Then I ran into a colleague on the streets of DC who had back surgery and was in bed every day with acute pain - the surgery didn't help. He had gone to Dr. Jensen at Friendship Heights Chiropractic and raved about how she transformed his life. No more pain! I was skeptical having never gone to a Chiropractor before but decided to try it because of the unrelenting pain I was experiencing with no cure in sight.

 Dr. Charlotte Jensen is a G-d sent! While I am still working things through - my pain level has gone from a 10+ to a 1. Pretty damn good I'd say! I am confident that continuing with Dr. Jensen and doing what she recommends is the answer to back and neck health. I highly recommend the Office and particularly Dr. Jensen! Who knew it was all in the spine and the poor alignment? Dr. Jensen that's who! Thank G-d for her!

Stacey S. 08-07-11