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Unsolicted praise:


As an active baby boomer, I have been familiar for decades with chiropractic, which has gotten me out of "tight" spots since the 1970's when I lugged around heavy backpacks and a cello in the freezing Boston winters.

Travel is never friendly to the human spine, and mine got a beating during a trip overseas in August, 2008.  I took this philosophically as a permanecnce of change from the batterings of a willing spirit and maturing flesh.

Not so.

I made an appointment with Dr. Thomas Connelly, after my return to Washington DC, to go see if my sorry frame might be brought back to an earlier stage of vigor, and indeed it did.  Dr. Connelly did a thorough examination and diagnosis and went to work bringing me back to better-than-before shape.  Within a few short weeks my mind was off my back and onto my work and play. Pleasantly, I also found I was able to take up the viola again in a community orchestra (the viloa is a devil's invention to challenge normal human spines, but it sounds so lovely...).

My morning visits-now just once a week- at Friendship Heights Chiropractic-are a welcome addition to my weekly routine.  They are quick, timely and effective.  Not least of the pleasures is getting my free copy of "The Onion" at the newspaper dispenser just outside the doctors' office and stocking up at Rodman's on my way out.

Many thanks to Angelica, Dr. Connelly's collegues and all the folks at Friendship Heights Chiropractic.

Dan Whitman                                                                                                                                                         

Department of State